Summary (English)

The GT Endurance Championship is an event which was founded for Gran Turismo Sport players. All players from Europe are allowed to attend if they have a original copy of the game Gran Turismo Sport, a PS4 and a PS-Plus account.


Every team needs at least 4 drivers. A maximum of 6 drivers is allowed. Only 2 teams per Racing Team are allowed. So, if your Team is “Penske Motorsports” you are allowed to have “Penkse Motorsports 1” and “Penkse Motorsports 2”.

You are allowed to organize the stints by yourself but you have to inform us 30 minutes before which driver will be at the lobby. A driver isn’t allowed to attend two stints in a row (which isn’t possible too). Every driver is forced to attend a minimum of 1 stint and a maximum of four stints.


Every driver is forced to attend the qualification. There is a second qualification for driver who cant attend the qualification but its limited to 1 per team. If a driver isn’t able to attend anyway the team will get a time penalty of 30secs at race start.

A driver who is attending the qualification is not allowed to switch team later, even if his team doesn’t make lobby PRO or AM.

There are also time penalties for switching drivers to late because of technically issues, illness and so on.

For the qualification the damage, tyre wear and fuel usage are set to OFF.

The qualification lasts 25 minutes (plus 180sec). Every driverwill be invited to attend one of the lobby and time slot. We will have two lobby parallel and will put a time schedule with all time slots and driver on our homepage. So there aren’t two drivers from the same team at the same lobby.

Race Day

There will be 12 lobbys during the 24 hours event. Each is 2 hours long. We always start on the exact time, even if the other lobby is still running. That overlapping is the reason why you cant attend two stints in a row. We are not waiting for any drivers so be on time!

Lobby opens 25 minutes before start and driver have 10 minutes to join.

“Technical issues” like starting bugs will be ignored unless 3 or more drivers are involved. We will restart the stint in this case. A disconnect will not lead to a restart.

Lobby Settings can be found here: Lobby-Settings


Every stint will be reviewed by the hosts/stewards if there are any incident reports from any teams. A report need to be written at discord (your team channel) till 20 mins after the appropriate stint. Report should include driver PSN ID, opponent PSN ID, round or time stamp and a short description what happened.


If a driver does have a disconnect we are giving a handicap of 7sec per round with a theoretical lap time of 8:10mins.

That means, we are calculating how many rounds you miss from the point of disconnect and add 7secs penalty per round.

Allowed cars and BoP

 Following cars are allowed to use (Standard ingame BoP):

Audi R8 LMS (Audi Sport Team WRT)
BMW M6 GT3 (Walkenhorst Motorsport)
Ferrari 458 Italia GT3
Lamborghini 2015 Huracan GT3
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 (AMG-Team HTP-Motorsport)
Porsche 911 RSR (991)


For the numberplate you need to use the official one from the GTEC:

Your starting number can be add by yourself. Please be sure everyone is able to see it on the stream.

As for the livery itself: no porn, no alcohol, no tobacco and nothing political.